What is Big Day of Giving and Why Should You Care?

This year, WellSpace Health is proud to participate in Big Day of Giving. For decades, the Sacramento community has lifted our organization to help fund our programs and services. But what is Big Day of Giving?


Big Day of Giving was started in 2013 by the Sacramento Region Community Foundation. For 24 hours, more than 700 local non-profits push for donations from the community. In 2021, Big Day of Giving raised a record $13.3 million for participating non-profits, with $65 million in total raised since the Foundation’s first giving day in 2013. The purpose of this is not only to raise funds for individual charities but to build a strong and generous community. As a donor, you are encouraged to ‘donate where your heart is’ and maybe even discover a few other non-profits that align with your philosophies. So, how does WellSpace Health play into this?


WellSpace Health is a non-profit community health system that has provided care and support to individuals and families since 1953. WellSpace Health offers a full range of high-quality medical, dental, behavioral health, and supportive services to everyone. In 2021, WellSpace Health served 125,000 people thru more than 400,000 encounters from 31 centers in Sacramento, Placer, and Amador counties. Ninety-two percent of patients and clients live in or nearly live in poverty. WellSpace Health is proud to be the largest provider of outpatient health care for people who are covered by Medi-Cal and those who remain uninsured.


As an organization, we care for the full person with a mission to “achieve regional health through high-quality comprehensive care.” We address mental and physical needs regardless of a person’s gender, race, sexuality, housing status, economic status, or other individual characteristics. Everyone deserves to receive high-quality comprehensive care, which is why our motto is ‘Everyone deserves to be seen.’ But what does “being seen” mean to us?


‘Everyone deserves to be seen’, these are not empty words, it’s a fact. You are worthy of care. We see you as a person and we are here to treat you with whatever care you may need. This year, we are expanding our motto to be inclusive of certain aspects of care, thus helping to define our system of care in terms of how “we see you.” ‘Everyone deserves to be seen’ will be supplemented with our commitment to people being healthy, great smiles, being heard, recovering, feeling safe, and living their fullest lives.


They are ambitious statements, but we believe it is possible. If you would like to make a contribution, please follow the link below, or spread the word to those around you about who we are and what we stand for.


DONATE HERE: https://www.bigdayofgiving.org/organization/WELLSPACEHEALTH