Welcome to WellSpace Health

The mission of WellSpace Health is achieving regional health through high quality comprehensive care: It’s about achieving health, not just trying to. It’s regional because we believe that your zip code is a better predictor of your health than your genetic code, so we need to have a wide reach. It’s about high quality care, not just dishing it up. And it’s about comprehensive or ‘whole person’ care, not simply a focus on one or two issues.

At the core of the organization is a network of Community Health Centers providing a comprehensive array of primary health care services to people of all ages. Wrapping round those core health services are other programs and services that are most needed by the people we serve and their families. For example, specialty perinatal care in our comprehensive Women’s Health program provides a total package of services throughout pregnancy and beyond. Or our slate of services for kids allows them to see a pediatrician (for routine primary care, well baby visits, sports physicals, vaccinations, etc), as well as a dentist, as well as a counselor …

WellSpace Health is a lot of things to a lot of people. For over 50,000 people it’s the place they call their ‘Medical Home’ which is why we successfully sought out and achieved Accreditation for Ambulatory Care from the Joint Commission (the Nation’s highest quality of care approval rating). their certification as a Patient Centered Medical Home, as well as their Accreditation for all of our Behavioral Health Services. For others it may be the place where they walk in to our Family Resource Center for science-based support in developmentally appropriate parenting. For others it is the place they come for rehabilitation, or behavioral health services, or hypertension self-management classes, or gestational (pregnancy-related) diabetes classes …

WellSpace Health reflects the region and has brought together multiple organizations that have served our communities for over 60 years. We are accomplishing our vision of ‘replacing safety net services with a blanket of care.’ We have a mantra of making ourselves ‘more perfect’ which lets you know that we believe that we can always do better, regardless.


A. Jonathan Porteus, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

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