ANKH Sisterhood

The ANKH Sisterhood brings together Black women who are pregnant and parenting to promote the health and wellbeing of their children. WellSpace Health empowers the ANKH Sisterhood through culturally competent healthcare and supportive services in pregnancy and beyond.

“ANKH” stands for Assuring Neonatal Kinship and Health but also reflects the ancient African symbol for “the key of life” and represents the hope every mother has for her new child and family.

Women of the ANKH Sisterhood receive comprehensive healthcare services from our Women’s Health team at health centers throughout the community. These services are supplemented by specialty programs for women who have unique needs related to their pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes and behavioral health.

When women are ready to give birth, members of their WellSpace Health care team attend their deliveries in the hospital and connect them to ongoing pediatric care. Where needed, families are connected a diverse range of community based programs.

Key to the success of the ANKH Sisterhood is a team of African American Obstetrical providers and Sister Advocates who provide culturally responsive and community based peer support through individual and group connections.