#MedicalMythMonday: Does Late-Night Snacking Lead to Weight Gain?

MedicalMythMonday investigates common myths about the human body and determine if they are true or false. Today, we answer the question: Does cold weather cause you to become sick?


Answer: This one isn’t as easy to say true or false, because it depends. The body does not have an internal clock that can tell when you’re eating late at night, but the body can tell when you’ve eaten above a healthy caloric intake for the day.


This myth has been prevalent for decades and studies have claimed to prove that they can prove that people gain weight more at night; however, these studies have only been performed on animals. When replicated on humans, studies showed no correlation between the time of day you eat versus weight gain. What was discovered is people who snack late at night tend to overindulge and eat more unhealthy foods such as candy, chips, processed foods, etc.


In conclusion, if you stay below your ideal caloric intake for the day (something that can be discussed with your care team or our healthy living educators) and choose healthier snack options, like fruits and veggies, then you should feel free to have that midnight snack or eat a late dinner.