Chalk It Up! Brings a Vision of Health to Sacramento Sidewalks

On a hot Labor Day weekend, artists came together at Freemont Park to celebrate a festival unlike any other – Chalk It Up! Creating a fortress-like perimeter on the sidewalk surrounding the park, artists applied their craft on the cement beneath them while patrons enjoyed local businesses and live music within the park, providing an exclusive inside look at how chalk masterpieces come to be. 

Sacramento-based artist Delgreta Brown, armed with a box of chalk, paintbrushes, and a spray bottle, has shared her work at the festival for three years. This year, Delgreta partnered with WellSpace Health to express her vision of health in the Sacramento community. 

For 31 years, Chalk It Up! has been bringing local artists, organizations, and the community together through the power of chalk. Chalk It Up! aims to empower the next generation of artists through targeted art grants and inspirational programs. Since 1991, the festival has grown to an estimated 60,000 visitors every year. Chalk It Up! matches artists with a sponsor, often at random. The artist is provided creative freedom with direction from the sponsor on what the message should convey. This creative freedom and desire to showcase her skills to a large audience is what attracted Delgreta to Chalk It Up!

Beyond Chalk It Up!, Delgreta has created murals for Black Women United, Wide Open Walls, and the Lavender District in Midtown. Described as a contemporary and Afrofuturism visual artist, Brown combined the present-day experimental nature of avant-garde contemporary art and the other-worldly visual design of Afrofuturism to create the final piece.

Chalk isn’t Delgreta’s typical medium, choosing acrylic paint more often. Mixing these styles, she uses a brush and water to express her vision with chalk, particularly highlighting her blending abilities. 

Delgreta is a full-time artist and is attending Sacramento City College seeking a community health worker certificate.  

Given her commitment to art and health, Delgreta’s “match” with WellSpace Health was seamless. To learn more about Delgreta Brown or see her other creations please visit her website here