Bithiah Williams- MSW


I absolutely love serving people from all walks of life. Nothing matters more to me then ensuring my patients feel supported, valued, and cared despite any struggle they may be going through. I believe in helping patients achieve their over all wellness (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually) and understand there are many interconnected pieces that shape a persons life. When working with patients, I strongly see life as a journey and practice from holistic, empowering approach. I understand that in this journey every step one takes requires courage, and will be the first person to tell you- “you do not have to do it alone”. By nature, I am optimistic and hopeful. I partner with my patients by discussing stress management strategies and brain storm ways to empower one to achieve their optimal health, personal goals and explore a life worth living.


Master of Social Work (MSW), with specialty in Behavioral Health, Bachelors in Social Work (BSW), Associates in Social and behavioral Science (AA).

Internship: Heritage Oaks Hospital, CommuniCare Health Clinic

Practice Areas

Counseling & Prevention

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