Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services

Last week WellSpace Health joined hundreds of our peers at the State Capitol for Recovery Happens. This annual event, held during National Recovery Month, provides us the opportunity to celebrate our good work and be agents of change in California.

This year, WellSpace Health had more than 100 staff and clients attending on our behalf.

WellSpace Health has deep roots in the recovery community going back to the founding of The Aquarian Effort (later The Effort) in the early 1970’s as a Free Clinic with services providing “a realistic approach to the drug problem.”

Today, we operate a comprehensive Behavioral Health Continuum of Care. Within that continuum, SUD treatment is offered at all levels and modalities including intensive outpatient treatment, a residential treatment facility that combines evidence-based curricula with a modified therapeutic environment, a medically monitored withdrawal management facility, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioid addiction and The Matrix Model for stimulant addiction. Since our founding, we have served hundreds of thousands of clients.

Outpatient programs vary but often include case management, groups and individual sessions, parenting classes, anger management classes, counseling, childcare during services, resume writing support, and drug testing.

To serve the criminal justice involved population, we are co-located and provide services at Drug Court, DUI Court, Mental Health Court, and Re-Entry Court. At Rio Consumes Correctional Facility we provide MAT services.

In the coming months and years we expect these programs to continue to grow thanks to recent changes to the Drug Medi-Cal program and our state’s attempt to better meet the actual treatment needs of the community.

Outpatient Services
• North Area 916.473.5764
• Midtown Area 916.313.8434
• South Area 916.395.3552
• Medication-Assisted Treatment 916.313.8434

Inpatient Services 916.921.6598

Withdrawal Management (Detoxification) 916.405.4600