Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: What insurances does WellSpace Health accept?
Insurances currently accepted include Medi-Care, Medi-Cal, River City Medical Group, Molina, Golden Shores, Hill Physicians, Imperial Health, California Health and Wellness, Health Net, Nor Cal Physicians Medical Group/Sierra Nevada, Anthem, and Aetna Better Health. We also offer a sliding fee scale for federally qualified uninsured patients.  

Q: Does WellSpace Health provide dental care?
Yes, we provide dental care for children and adolescents. We do not provide adult dental services at this time.

Q: Does WellSpace Health provide behavioral health?
Yes, we provide behavioral health services for WellSpace Health patients (adults and children) at some of our Health Centers. 

Q: Do you provide translators?
In most instances your health plan will provide interpreter services. If they do not, we will arrange these services for you.

Q: Do you provide medical care for workers’ compensation?
No, we do not provide medical care for workers’ compensation. Medical care for workers’ compensation should be arranged through your employer.

Q: Why can’t I see the Specialist for a sooner appointment?
Each Specialist manages his/her own schedule; WellSpace Health does not make these appointments. However, most Specialists offer the opportunity to be placed on a cancellation list which may provide an opportunity to be seen sooner.

Q: Why can’t I see a Specialist closer to my home?
The Specialist’s location is determined by your insurance company. We do our best to send you to the Specialist closest to you; however, it is not guaranteed.

Q: I want to see a particular Specialist, why can’t I see him/her?
 All referrals to Specialists are approved by your insurance company whether it is for an in-network or out-of-network provider.  They may approve an out-of-network specialist if you have exhausted all of the in-network options. 

Q: If my referral is approved for a certain Specialist, does the Specialist have to see me?
No, Specialists are independent providers who may accept or deny a referral on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Why did my referral get denied by the insurance company? Or, the Specialist?
Insurance companies determine the criteria for approving or denying a Specialist request in particular. If you have questions about a denial, contact your insurance company.

Q: While I wait to see the Specialist (pain management, orthopedic, etc.), what am I supposed to do in the meantime?
Please feel free to call Patient Services (916.737.5555) and speak to one of the advice nurses; they will be able to provide guidance.

Q: Why do I have to be seen for a referral to be ordered?
Providers evaluate you at the visit, and the documentation is submitted to the insurance company for approval of the referral.

Q: Can you text me the referral information?
No, we cannot text health information. However, certain health information is available on our patient portal. Please visit your Health Center to sign-up.



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