Erica Tidiane, Psychiatric NP


Ever since I started practicing nursing 16 years ago, I have loved all things “brain.” Working in a variety of healthcare settings, I quickly learned that mental health affects the individual mentally, physically, and spiritually. I believe mental health is the glue that helps to hold the mind and body together. It is important for me as a provider to help clients understand that “it’s not your fault,” and that while working through issues and trauma isn’t always easy, it’s totally worth it. It is my hope to assist every individual I see to experience healing and resilience. I believe that healing is not linear, and it is my goal to help individuals realize they are not alone in their journey to mental wellness.


BSN from Clarkson College
MSN-PMHNP from Regis College

Practice Areas

Counseling & Prevention

Integrated Behavioral Health


Languages Spoken