A Decade Later and the Transformation of the Healthcare System – A Note to our Colleagues



With so many references to the 1969 moon landing I can’t help but recall what we called our organizational ‘moonshot’ – embracing a unified and relentless focus on building an appropriate health and social service delivery platform for low income people in the region and unleashing our mission of achieving regional health through high quality comprehensive care.


We did not put a person on the moon, but our organization has been radically transformed in the ten years since we became an FQHC and a tremendous number of persons have engaged in our expanding and accessible array of services. Since we have been seeing how so many individuals made the original ‘moonshot’ a success, please know that I feel deep gratitude for the vital role each of you have played and continue to play in ours.


From January 2009-16, more than 260,000 residents of Sacramento county became Medi-Cal beneficiaries, 86% of which were added after 2014 when the Affordable Care Act (ACA) drove a radical expansion of coverage for people who were previously uninsured. Continue reading by clicking here.