Suicide Prevention – A Note to Our Colleagues


Did you know that WellSpace Health’s Certified Crisis Center has operated the region’s Suicide Prevention and Crisis Line for more than 50 years? It’s one of WellSpace Health’s oldest programs.

Today, we provide 24/7 suicide prevention services via telephone, text, and chat in Sacramento and Placer counties, as well as hotline coverage in 50 of 58 counties in California. We answer the National Suicide Prevention Crisis Lines and the Spanish Lifeline. Our program is dually accredited through the American Association of Suicidology and Joint Commission on Behavioral Health.

In the last year, we’ve responded to 41,800 crisis calls including 40% that are considered acutely suicidal calls and high lethality suicidal calls. They also responded to 303 Suicide-in-Progress calls and 80 homicidal callers.

Our program is so well respected that we are sought out statewide to train law enforcement, 9-1-1 operators, and hostage negotiators on suicide prevention and intervention. Recently our team has been in the news as expert consultants who have helped Chef Patrick Mulvaney develop a new suicide prevention program for people who work in the restaurant industry.

If a patient visits WellSpace Health for primary care and is determined to be suicidal or has been to the emergency department for a suicide attempt or suicidal crisis, our suicide prevention team will reach out to them for 30 days of follow-up – the only program of its type in the nation. Our team provides similar follow-up to patients who are determined to be suicidal when they present at partnering emergency departments in four counties. Recently, these two programs were recognized in the California Statewide Suicide Prevention Plan as an innovative best practice.

If you or someone you know is in crisis or feeling suicidal, you can reach our team of professionals by calling (916) 368 3111 or by texting the word HOPE to 916-668-iCAN (4226).

Be Well,